These pictures show our course is being damaged by people practising on the course!

This is not acceptable and spoils the course for all members. Please challenge anyone you see practising on the course and damaging it in this way.

Anyone who is reported to the committee will be subject to disciplinary action, including being prohibited from playing the course for a period time and from playing in competitions.

We have a practice ground, please use it, treating it with care and respect.

Also please use the white guide lines before the greens to prevent damage from trolleys and buggies.

In general follow these simple guidelines to keep our course playing and looking its best.

Repair Pitchmarks – aim to repair your own plus one more as a minimum
Replace Divots – if a divot is broken use some divot mix – divot bags are available from the clubhouse
Take Practice swings off the tee – reduce chance of damage through taking unnecessary divots
Rake / Smooth Bunkers – can be done even when your ball is still in the bunker – rule 13-4/2
Keep Buggies / Trolleys off tees, approaches and greens – common sense
Remove broken golf tees from the tee – helps prevent dulling of cutting blades / reels
Ensure all litter is placed in the bins – keeps the course looking great!

Graham Dickie