Class Handicap Championship Qualifier – Saturday 13 May 2017

The second qualifying round had to be cancelled today because of bad weather.

Qualifiers will therefore come from last week’s first qualifying round.(Details of the Knock Out stages of this Competition can be found on page 8 of the Membership and Fixture Diary.)

The Knock Out Draw will be posted on the Locker Room Notice Board as soon as possible.

Ready Golf

‘Ready Golf’ is a term used to indicate that golfers should play when they are ready to do so, rather than strictly adhere to ‘the farthest from the hole plays first’ stipulation in the Rules of Golf.

‘Ready Golf’ is appropriate for stroke play formats and includes a number of actions that separately and collectively improve times for players completing a round.

If you reach your ball and are ready to hit, while other members of your group are not yet prepared, then go ahead and hit – even if you are not away – provided it is safe to do so.

Examples of ‘Ready Golf’ include:

  • Hitting a shot when safe to do so if a player farther away faces a challenging shot and is taking time to assess their options

  • Shorter hitters playing first from the tee or fairway if longer hitters have to wait

  • Hitting a tee shot if the person with the honour is delayed in being ready to play

  • Hitting a shot before helping someone to look for a lost ball

  • Putting out even if it means standing close to someone else’s line

  • Hitting a shot if a person who has just played from a greenside bunker is still farthest from the hole but is delayed due to raking the bunker

  • When a player’s ball has gone over the back of a green, any player closer to the hole but chipping from the front of the green should play while the other player is having to walk to their ball and assess their shot

  • Marking scores upon immediate arrival at the next tee, except that the first player to tee off marks their card immediately after teeing off”

Knock Out Competitions

The Gents Entry Sheets are posted on the main Notice Board and close on 31st March.

The Ladies and Junior Entry Sheets will be posted soon and the closing dates will be 30th April.

Signing In Procedures for Gents Medals
New Arrangements

All members playing in a medal are reminded that they must sign in at the pro shop before commencing play or they may be disqualified from the competition as per the competition rules.

The terminals in the clubhouse are for score entry.

Members log in numbers are listed in the Gents Handicap folder in the foyer.

D Edgar
Match Sec

Gents’ Knockout Competitions

The draws for the singles, four ball and two ball are now located in the locker room.

Please read the Competition rules below regarding organising the ties, as failure to play the tie will result in both sides being eliminated.

Competition rules

You can get contact details for members, either behind the bar, pro shop or the touchscreen terminals.

Match Sec